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Telefoonnummer: 024-3224340 voor spoed kies optie 1


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Welcome to our website. The University Health Centre Heyendael is a unique health centre. You will find us in the former GP Centre on the verge of Radboud University Medical Centre premises. We closely collaborate with various other kinds of health professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, and dieticians. We also collaborate with the Department of Primary Care Medicine of Radboud University Medical Centre in the fields of education, research, and healthcare innovation.


In UGG Heyendael, you as a person are at the very centre and we like to accommodate your personal circumstances as much as we can. The UGC’s patients’ desk and phone service are available throughout every workday. We operate on a same-day or next-day service for our surgery hours. Should you require a doctor’s home visit, we also make allowance for your personal situation rather than just for medical necessity. The GPs and other healthcare professionals are accessible.


This way of operating our centre reflects how we see general practice healthcare: we like to treat patients as human beings rather than just their diseases.


Information about the practice

University Health Centre (UGC) Heyendael

Gerard van Swietenlaan 3

6525 GB Nijmegen

Telephone: 024-3224340


The University Health Centre is open from 8.00 till 17.00 hrs on all workdays.


For emergencies within surgery hours exclusively, please phone our emergency number: 024-3606360


Outside these hours, please contact the Central GP Service Nijmegen (CHN) 0900-8880.