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Education and Research


The UGC plays an important role in the education of students in medical professional training, such as medical students, physicians or doctor’s assistants in training. This means you may be helped by trainees or doctors in training. We will always tell you so in advance and respect your decision not to be helped by trainees.



The UGC is part of the registration networks of the Department of Primary Care Medicine of the St Radboud University Medical Centre. This means that many data on diseases are systematically registered for research purposes aiming to improve general practice care. Such registration is completely anonymous: these data can never be related to you as a person. If you object to participation in these registration procedures, please indicate so when you register at the centre. Occasionally, your GP may invite you to take part in a scientific study. You can always refuse such participation. Self-evidently, this will in no way affect the care you will be receiving.